Below is the schedule for HonorCon 2014. Please note that times and locations are subject to change without notice.

Friday - October 31, 2014
Time Room A Room D Room E Room F&G
3-4pm   He Who Dies With The Most Hobbies Honorverse Strategic Overview Business of Writing
4-5pm Uniform Assessment Costuming/Make-Up Meet the High Command Directive 18 and ISW 4 - Fighting the Orgalons - Starfire Universe Discussion
5-6pm Battlestar Old vs. New How to Become a Self-Published SciFi Author The Duchesses' Own Society of Geocachers Serving the RMN: Then vs. Now


Saturday - November 1, 2014
Time Room A Room D Room E Room F&G
9-10am Baen Traveling Road Show The care and Feeding of Authors What the US Navy Taught Me About the Honorverse Visions of the Multiverse, 3 perspectives of our future
10-11am J.J. Abrams-- Threat Or Menace? - facilitated by Steven Long Grayson Religion and Marriage Practices - David Weber The Thrawn Trilogy and the Star Wars Expanded Universe: Then and Now
11am-12pm Science Fiction in Video Games Star Wars Costuming "The Lonely Outpost - Deploying to a Ground Installation" Evergreen Studios - Expanding the Honorverse to Comics, Games, and Film
1-2pm Star Trek: The Final Frontier Star Wars Trivia Fire Season on the Ground A CALL TO DUTY
2-3pm Star Trek:  The Best Episodes Balancing Realism & Blievability to Create a Good Game Experience TRMN: Saganami Island Academy FutureSounds
3-4pm How to Get Published The Mouse is the New Emperor of the Galaxy Far Far away High-Energy Plasma/Kinetic Energy Weapons Stories of the Oddest Things in Editing
4-5pm Practical Self-Defense Science Fiction RPGs   Awards (4:30 - 5:30pm)
5-6pm   Worldbuilding  


Sunday - November 2, 2014
Time Room A Room D Room E Room F&G
9-10am Tea with the Duchess Transitioning Today's Militaries to the SciFi Militaries of the Future Tactical Astronomy Mara Jade, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Talon Karrde ... Good or Evil?
10-11am Upcoming Honorverse Products A Soldier of the Kingdom - Your Career in the Royal Manticoran Army Building a Navy in the Honorverse
11am-12pm How to Teach SITS?! Working with David Weber Tie in Fiction