Costume Contest

The Costume Contest will be divided into several categories with prizes for the winner and runner up in each. The categories are:
Best In Show
Best Honorverse Costume
Best Hall Costume
The Contest will be open to all participants at the convention!
Rules and How to Participate:
1.On Friday (all day) or Saturday (until 1500), get your picture taken by one of our roving volunteers. They will take a picture of your badge and mark it on the back.
2.Wear your costume and have fun!
3.The winners will be announced at the end of the Awards Ceremony on Saturday night in the Main Ballroom!
While participants will be considered for all of the categories, a participant may only win once. For example: If a participant wins Best in Show, they cannot win Best Honorverse or Best Hall Costume. If there are any questions please contact Commodore Zachary or Misty White and they will be happy to assist you. 


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Bring your best costumes, your most creative costumes and, above all, have fun! 

See you around the convention in 2016!




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