Convention Policies

The flowing rules shall be considered agreed to with the purchase of membership to HonorCon. HonorCon wishes to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all attendees. We encourage you to come to have a good time and to be whomever you wish to be. If at any time you feel that your safety or the safety of others is in jeopardy, please contact Shore Patrol immediately, who will then contact the Police and Hotel Security. To that end, however, certain forms of behavior have been deemed inappropriate by the convention committee.

Harassment Policy:

Definition of Harassment: The act of systematic and/or continued unwanted actions of one party or a group, including threats, demands and inappropriate touching. The purposes may vary, including racial prejudice, personal malice, an attempt to grain sexual favors, or merely gain sadistic pleasure from making someone fearful or anxious. Such activities may be based on race or sex, involve revenge by an ex-spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend, or be shown to be a form of blackmail ("I'll stop bothering you, if you'll go to bed with me").

Safe Zone: Any Convention area with a “Safe Zone” sign. This will include the Hospitality, any established area of The Royal Manticoran Navy, and any other area if it is signed as such.

HonorCon’s Policy on Harassment:

  1. When harassment is reported or noticed toward any staff member of HonorCon, anyone HonorCon is working with or is working with us on site, or any attendee at HonorCon, the person who noticed it or to whom it was reported to shall, assuming security or law enforcement is not involved, first ensure that the victim is in a place where they feel safe and secure and escort them to a designated Safe Zone.
  2. The person who noticed the harassment, or to whom it was reported, shall pass the incident on to the highest ranking Staff Member available, who will ensure that the Shore Patrol Commander is informed immediately.
  3. The Shore Patrol Commander, or their appropriate designee, will:
    1. Talk with the victim and ensure that they are feeling safe and know that they can always come to a Safe Zone, if they need a place to go.
    2. Take an official Report for Shore Patrol and senior convention Staff.
    3. If the harasser is also an attendee of HonorCon, the Shore Patrol Commander, or their designee will, in addition to 3b, with approval from the Convention Co-Chairs *only*, deny the harasser entry to any functions for the remainder of the convention
  4. HonorCon has a Zero Tolerance policy with regards to harassment. Costuming *is not* consent! If you see someone taking photos that are either inappropriate or where the subject is unaware, we encourage you to let speak up. As a community of fans, we need to look out for each other and make sure everyone is treated with the respect they deserve.

General Policies:

HonorCon reserves the right to revoke or suspend memberships and badges. If an attendee breaks the rules of the convention, they may be barred from the convention, either for a set period of time (a few hours to sober up) or permanently. If an attendee breaks the law, the local law enforcement will be notified, and the attendee with be on their own for any consequences.

  1. You MUST have your membership badge on you at all times in convention spaces and to attend any convention function. The Dealer Room will not be badged, however, all other convention spaces and function will be.
  2. Announced events and guests are subject to change and/or cancellation with minimal or no notice. Every effort will be made to announce any changes via the Internet, pre-convention publications including advertising, and on-site notices, however, last minute changes may occur that are beyond the control of the convention.
  3. HonorCon reserves the right to ask you to leave the convention and refuse to refund your registration fee if your behavior contravenes the Harassment Policy or any of the General Policies.
  4. Please abide by our weapons policy: All weapons must be non-working and peace bonded. No functioning projectile weapons will be permitted. Bladed weapons must be cased and sheathed at all times. No clowning around or showing off in the common areas. Any weapon used in an offensive manner will result in General Policy 3 being enforced. Exemptions to this rule may be made for demonstration purposes, such as a lightsaber demonstration.
    1. Due to the reality of the times, HonorCon staff, Hotel Security and local law enforcement will treat anything that looks like a real gun as a real gun. Use your judgment, and if you have questions, please ask someone in the Shore Patrol.
  5. The Hotel has a no smoking policy. HonorCon further requests no outside food or open and uncapped beverage containers in the Dealer Room, Panel Rooms, and the Hospitality Suite.
  6. Cameras are permitted and encouraged. The following rules however, will apply. Please ask before taking someone’s photo. If you are filming a panel, please ask the panelists if they are ok with filming. Please do not interfere with the Official HonorCon Photographer or Videographer. No photos, film or audio shot by any attendee may be used for profit without the prior written consent of HonorCon or its parent company, The Manticore Company Limited.
  7. Possession of alcohol by any persons under the age of twenty-one (21), in accordance with the age laws of North Carolina, will be expelled from the convention as per General Policy 3.
  8. Ballroom and Panel Room seating will have special areas for VIP Seating and for seating for those members with Special Needs, all of whom will be identified by ribbon on their badges. We ask everyone to please respect these seating arrangements.
  9. All Panel Rooms and Ballrooms will be cleared after each session to ensure time to reset the room and any A/V reset that may be required. Please be considerate of the Staff as they do their jobs to carry this out.

Most importantly of all, have fun! HonorCon will be what you make it!